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You are a contract zombie killer (called ZK for short) for Live E-Town.  You are assigned to the eastern frontier at Outpost #7 under the command of Capt. Soo Z.  Among your varied duties are the patrol of the Dead Zones, the suppression of raiders, the extermination of the undead, the diversion of undead herds too large to attack and most importantly, the location and rescue of survivors.        
Human capital is the most precious commodity in post apocalyptic society.   In Live E-town, people come before material things.   The production of man past and present is of value only if it supports mankind’s continued survival.  For some time now Live E-town has been negotiating to integrate an independent survivor community in the Dead Zone called Eagan’s Band.  Numbering  355 people, they have escaped most of the horrors of the zombie plague by good fortune.   The leader of this group took control of the then empty Otter Creek Correctional Center in Wheelright, Kentucky at the far eastern border of the state.   In addition to assimilating this group, the mayor of Live E-town wants the prison as a secure fortified forward base for operations into Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.  This all sounds great in theory, but the people in Eagan’s Band are not yet convinced that they want to be part of Live E-town.    They sent ten delegates west to see the Live E-town for themselves two weeks ago.                 
​ This morning it became apparent that a relatively normal life in a fully stocked secure enclave for the past two years did not fully prepare anyone in Eagan’s Band for a 250 mile trek through zombie and raider infested wasteland.  It seems their convoy was finally thrown into disarray outside  Springfield, forty miles east of Outpost #7.    It surprises you that those tenderfoots made it that far.   For the past two years the most dangerous thing they’ve done is take a big can of food off a high self.    Well, you guess is it just sucks to be Eagan.  At least you did until Sgt. Kruer informed you that it was now your problem.     You are ordered to saddle up for a search and rescue mission!   You think to yourself, “Why in the world couldn’t those Eagan’s Band clowns just take the mayor up on his offer to fly them in.  Really… you want to drive when you can fly… REALLY!?!”       
Eagan’s last transmission indicated they had broken down (again) south of Springfield and were driven away from their vehicles by raiders.  Your mission objective is to rescue as many of the ten delegates from Eagan’s Band that you can and identify the raider group responsible for the attack.  The delegates hid in the woods where they are now waiting for assistance.   Among their other problems, you know from experience there are quite of few free range undead in that area that wandered out from the town in search of prey.  Having lost most of their ammunition and weapons, the delegates are not likely to be able to hold out for long.  Your ZK company mounts up and rolls out with an aerial forward observer scouting the way.  At least if you  rescue this group they’ll  see how bad-ass ZKs are and realize Live E-town is much safer than that dump they have now.   Hopefully you’ll get a crack at a some raiders too.Event Outline:      
​ This shoot will take participants through four non-sequential stages representing both a combat and investigative challenge.  Stages have both a time limit and an ammunition limit.  Overall winner will be the highest score, with ties decided in favor of the shortest time and then the least ammunition expended.  Good marksmanship skills will take you a long way, but good observation/investigative skills can win you the match.   Participants are encouraged to review the storyline background material just prior to the match.  At present, prizes will be awarded to the highest scoring shooters and randomly as door prizes for all registered shooters lucky enough to have their names drawn.   Check the match prize table for the most up to date information.  The number of prizes awarded is keyed to the number of participants in the match.      
There will be rifle, shotgun and a pistol stages with up to 36 total targets.     The will also be a forth stage consisting of a melee type challenge.      
Participants may wish to carry their pistol, shotgun and ammunition with them through the course.   It is strongly suggested that you equip your shotgun with a sling or scabbard so you can easily carry it when your are not firing.  For a $10 fee you may purchase a ZK buddy ticket for a friend who can accompany you through the stages to pick up your magazines, carry your extra guns, take video, etc.  Wheeled carts may be used on the range to carry your guns and gear but cannot be brought along on the stages.   In this case, you may wish to bring a chain or cable lock to secure the guns and ammo cans you are not using to the cart while you are firing the stages.  Unfortunately, most aspects of the course do not lend themselves well to shooters requiring a wheel chair.  However, some or all stages might be accessible depending on individual equipment and circumstances.      
It could well be buggy so bring mosquito and tick repellent.  

Event Stages:
1.  Hide & Seek – Pistol:   3 min., 35 rounds  
2.  One Shot, One Kill - Rifle Stage:  3 min., 15 rounds
3.  Everybody Loves A Parade – Mounted Shotgun:  2 min., 25 rounds
​4. I cut you man! – Knife,  1 min.

Stage Narrative Detail:
1. Hide & Seek   Pistol Stage:  3 min., 35 rds   16 zombies   Survivors are trying to evade the undead in the forest, by going tree to tree.   When this strategy works, as often as not, it’s because some poor soul falls victim and their dying screams draw in all the undead in the area giving the other survivors a shot at a clean getaway.  You already hear somebody getting ripped limb from limb so you draw your pistol and step into the lush summer forest.   “Plenty of places to hide the living and the dead in here,” you think to yourself as you move down the trail.  You suddenly spot something ahead.  Raising your pistol and laying the sight picture on where its brain ought to be, you hesitate.  “Don’t hypothesize and lobotomize.”  That’s what old Sgt Kruer drilled into you during training.  He meant for you to identify friend from foe before you attack.   Your job is to rescue survivors after all, not shoot them in the brain.
Mission:  Kill the undead but not the survivors.    If you accidentally shoot a survivor, you have failed in your mission objective.
Bonus: Rescue the survivors before another is killed by the undead.

​2. One Shot, One Kill   Rifle Stage:  3 min., 15 rounds, 5 zombies     
​ As a true warrior, a ZK loves to close with the enemy and defeat them in personal combat.   However, there are times when that just isn’t possible, like after a big meal or when you’ve broken the strap on your flip-flop and the ground is too gross with zombie grey matter to walk on barefoot.   Sometimes pressing need requires you to attack from range, as is the case you are faced with now.   As the fighting  in the forest swirls around you,  you spot a survivor looking a little like he might be in for trouble about 75 yards away in a clearing.  You figure it’s one of those Eagan’s Band tenderfoots because he’s not watching his six.  In any case, there are some zombies closing in on him which he seems completely unaware of.    There’s no time to run there and it’s too far to yell, even if he could hear you over the din of battle.  You’re going to have to take them out sniper style from where you are.    Fortunately, at that range, the zombies will never know what hit them.   As long as you kill them all, those zombies at least will never identify your position by sound in time to attack you.Bonus:  Channel your inner Carlos Hathcock and drop your undead targets with ONE SHOT each, just like the great sniper would have done back in the “Nam”

3. Everybody Loves A Parade    Mounted Shotgun Stage:  2 min., 25 rounds, 12 zombies    
​ You are on patrol truck duty as rear gunner and the roadside is just thick with the undead as if they were waiting for a parade.    You soon realize that you are that parade.  The patrol trucks that passed before you gradually drew them out toward the trail and now you really need to thin the herd before they get so numerous as to impede vehicular movement along this route.   You tap the roof to get the driver’s attention and ask him to stop so you can shoot more accurately.  Your idea is not well received by your driver who already feels the undead could trap you if you stop moving.  After cursing you out, the driver finally agrees to give you a ghetto roll so you can have a little more time to pick them off but he’s not stopping or going back for love or money.  If you are going to make the most of your zombie killing time, you need to be either shooting or reloading.  You lay out you ammo in the patrol truck ready rack and check you shotgun.    The last thing you need is a malfunction.  

4. I Cut You Man!   Knife Melee Stage:  1 min.  
​ When ZKs get the together the atmosphere can be very competitive.     As you recount your amazing zombie killing exploits one of your comrades in arms yells:  “Anybody can kill zombies with a gun!  If you are so good go up to that one over there and kill him with his own knife.”  You see a big zombie well over six feet tall shambling toward you.  He has a crude hobo knife in his belt.  It strikes you that he may have been a hobo.  No matter.  You’ve killed hobos before, even before the apocalypse.   You hand your weapons to a friend yelling “I cut you man!” in a poor Spanish accent as you run for the giant monster intent on dispatching him with a careful knife thrust to the brain.  

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