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You are a contract zombie killer (called ZK for short) for Live E-Town assigned to the eastern frontier at Outpost #7 under the command of the famous Capt. Soo Z.  Among your varied duties are the patrol of the Dead Zones, the retrieval of survival critical resources, suppression of raiders, the extermination of the undead, the diversion of undead herds too large to attack and the location and rescue of survivors.   It’s exciting work and there are some great fringe benefits.    
​ After a ZK gets back from patrol, finishes decontamination, get checked over for bites and scratches and cleans weapons, your time is usually your own.    Tonight you know something big is up when you and your fellow ZKs are called to the headquarters briefing room in the 7pm darkness after evening mess.  That almost never happens.  As you file in, you see Capt. Soo-Z standing at the front of the room between the podium and a large map of Washington County.    Her arms are crossed over her chest and she holds a long wooden pointer as her eyes survey the ZKs entering and milling around for a spot to sit on the benches.   Her face belies no emotion.   She has always been difficult to read.  She’s wearing some kind of long oriental looking embroidered green dress with no apparent sidearm and her hair is down.   You have that odd feeling you got as a child when you ran into your school teachers on the street.   You have never seen her this way before and you get the impression that she didn’t expect to be here tonight either.   As you file in talking among yourselves,  Sgt. Kruer’s voice suddenly booms out over your conversation, “ZKs!!!  Sit down and shut up!!!    
​ Silence immediately blankets the room and your diminutive soft voiced captain begins to speak.  “I’ve called you here tonight to brief you on an urgent operation we will be conducting tomorrow morning at day break.   Just before nightfall today, Lt. Souchik’s patrol found a wrecked Sea King or similar large helicopter 15 miles east of Dead Bardstown in a heavily wooded area.“  She placed the pointer on the map with a precise swing ending in an audible slap as the point hit the taught paper.   “The aircraft is painted entirely black, bears no FAA markings, and has no identification beacon.  The flight log book is sterile.   In-flight mechanical failure was the likely cause of the emergency landing.  It wasn’t shot down.  It had a plenty of fuel.   The rough landing appears to have killed the pilot and co-pilot but there is reason to believe that several survivors walked away.  A manifest was found in the pocket of the co-pilot that indicated seven passengers and a lot of laboratory equipment was on board.   All of the equipment was present except for eight 20” x 10”specimen containers.   It’s our guess that whoever left that crash site took the specimen containers with them.   Lt. Souchik’s team estimated the helicopter crashed at least a year ago so this site is only a little less stale than pre-apocalypse Saltines.   It’s our job tomorrow to go out there and see if we can figure out what happened to those seven people and eight specimen containers.  It is certainly possible that the people might already be in Live E-town and have not made themselves known for various reasons, not the least of which being they were flying around in a black helicopter during the early stages of a zombie apocalypse.   We need to work quickly, and to insure operational security, all passes and furloughs are cancelled.  All personnel not in the field are confined to outpost.”   
​ At that, several groans rise up from the assembled ZKs.   Captain Soo-Z immediately raises her hand with the pointer and Sgt. Kruer yells,  “Put a cork in it!” 
​ Your captain continues, “The sooner we get this done the sooner you can get back to whatever vile leisure pursuits you had planned.  I’m missing my ballroom dance class tonight so I can relate.  Get back to your quarters and prep your equipment for tomorrow.  Those of you with NBC gear should pack it.  It’s better to have a gasmask and not need it and I can only speculate what was in those specimen containers that made them worth carrying away from a crash site.   Get some rest tonight.  All other scheduled operations for this outpost are cancelled for the next seven days until we get to the bottom of this mystery.  Dismissed.”     
​ Conversation and speculation resumes as the ZKs rise to leave.   Before the apocalypse, people would look at you like your were crazy if you talked seriously about black helicopters or zombies.  How times have changed.  When you get back to the barracks you pull out the M40 gasmask you haven’t used since the start of the outbreak.  Some of your comrades that don’t have them offer to trade you…a KA-Bar knife,  a pair of Brownells hearing protectors, a set of XS express sights, a box of cigars, a fighting cock, a High Point 9mm carbine, etc.    Last week you would have gladly accepted any of those items.  Tonight, this gasmask is as precious to you as a first born child.   

Event Outline:  
This is a gasmask & NBC gear optional match.   Shooters who want to try this new challenge will earn a two bonus points for each stage they do wearing a gasmask and gloves.  If you don’t want to use a gasmask, you don’t have to, but there is the opportunity to gain up to six bonus points if you do.    
​ Bring your own gasmask, gloves and whatever other NBC gear that you want to use.  Various gasmasks are available from on-line sources for as little as $15.  We will not have any loaner masks on site, so if you need to fend for yourself.  Locally, Adam’s Ordnance (502-599-8240) has a limited supply of new Israeli gasmasks with filters for $25 and new U.S. Military M40 gasmasks for $70. 
​ This shoot will take participants through four non-sequential stages representing both a combat and investigative challenge.  Stages have both a time limit and an ammunition limit.  Overall winner will be the highest score, with ties decided in favor of the shortest time and then the least ammunition expended.  Good marksmanship skills will take you a long way, but good observation/investigative skills can win you the match.  
​ Participants are encouraged to review the storyline background material just prior to the match.  At present, prizes will be awarded to the highest scoring shooters and randomly as door prizes for all registered shooters lucky enough to have their names drawn.   Check the match prize table for the most up to date information.  The number of prizes awarded is keyed to the number of participants in the match. 
There will be rifle, shotgun and a pistol stages with up to 36 total targets.  The will also be a forth hand grenade stage using inert training grenade that we will provide.   Participants may wish to carry their pistol, rifle, shotgun and ammunition with them through the course.   It is strongly suggested that you equip your shotgun with a sling or scabbard so you can easily carry it when your are not firing.  For a $10 fee you may purchase a ZK buddy ticket for a friend who can accompany you through the stages to pick up your magazines, carry your extra guns, take video, etc.  Wheeled carts may be used on the range to carry your guns and gear but cannot be brought along on the stages.   In this case, you may wish to bring a chain or cable lock to secure the guns and ammo cans you are not using to the cart while you are firing the stages.  Unfortunately, most aspects of the course do not lend themselves well to shooters requiring a wheel chair.  However, some or all stages might be accessible depending on individual equipment and circumstances.    Bring mosquito and tick repellent.  

Event Stages:
1.  To be infected or not to be infected?  That is the question.  Shotgun Stage:  2 min., 25 rounds
2.  Monkey on your back, and your shoulder, and in your left hand, etc… Pistol Stage:  3 min., 40 rds
3.  Sorry gangsta.  It’s not a drive-by if you’re parked.  Rifle Stage:  3 min., 15 rounds 
4.  Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  What luck!  Hand Grenade Stage:  1 min., 2 fragmentation grenades (inert) provided. 

Stage Narrative Detail:
​1. To be infected or not to be infected?  That is the question.Shotgun Stage:  2 min., 25 rounds 
​ You are assigned your own search sector in the forest near the wreckage of the helicopter.  You start almost shoulder to shoulder with you fellow ZKs but as you leave the crash site further and further behind, the ZKs on your flanks also recede into the distance.  You hear occasional shots and wonder why the other guys get to have all the fun.  Then you come upon what is surely an old trail.  Following its path with your eyes you notice not far ahead an object that looks a lot like one of the missing specimen canisters!  Naturally it appears to be open.  That’s just how your luck runs.  If you drop the toast, it lands butter side to the ground.  Did you remember to bring that gasmask?  You place your shotgun on the ground, pull on your gloves and start searching for that gasmask when you hear the sounds of movement to your front.  Dark figures are emerging from the woods ahead of you.  Do you finish putting on your mask or pick up your shotgun and engage?  Whatever you do, you need to do it fast. 
Mission: You are clearly on to something here.  Investigate your sector and determine what information you can be gleaned from it regarding the missing specimens and crash survivors. 
Bonus: Do the stage in your gloves and gasmask for an additional point. 

​2. Monkey on your back, and your shoulder, and in your left hand, etc…   Pistol Stage:  3 min., 40 rds     
​ While searching the forest you see your gasmask wearing squad leader gesturing for you to come to him.  As you get closer you see he has one of the specimen canisters at his feet.   He says, “You need to carry this.  We aren’t going to risk loosing it in the woods if we can’t pass this way again when we return.”  Well you can’t argue with the logic of that, and frankly you can’t argue at all.  You recently learned a superior can shoot you for insubordination under the terms of your contract.  You’re wishing you read the fine print but, you were half-in-the-bag when you signed up and your vision was too blurry to read the regular print.    As you heft the surprisingly heavy load onto your back, you realize you will need to switch to your pistol.  This canister is awkward.  Murphy’s law dictates that the more difficult your circumstances, the more likely zombies will attack…and of course they do.Mission:  Carry all the canisters you can find all the way through to the end of the stage while engaging zombies with your pistol.
Bonus:  Do the stage in your gloves and gasmask for an additional point 

​3. Sorry gangsta.  It’s not a drive-by if you’re parked.   Rifle Stage:  3 min., 15 rounds 
​ You’re riding security in the front passenger seat of one of Live E-town’s SCR recovery trucks with the windows up enjoying the chance to get off your feet and take off your gasmask.  You’re eager to get back to outpost and into decon to wash whatever freaky stuff rubbed off on you from this toxic waste site.   Suddenly, the driver pulls over and stops.  Before he leaps from the cab, he pull on his own gasmask and gloves and turns to you and says, “A strap broke, we just lost some of the load.”    You keep watch from the truck cab while the driver works.  You notice a few undead to your right shambling toward you.   At first too distant to engage, they eventually get within 30 yards of your truck.  Not knowing how long this repair will take, you need to thin this herd before it gets out of hand.   Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to get out of the truck, but you’re going to have to at least roll down the window.  The question is, do you bother to put you gasmask back on?  It’s one thing to engage targets at close range with it on, but more distant rifle targets like these could be problematic.
​Bonus:  Do the stage in your gloves and gasmask for an additional point 

​4. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  What luck! Hand Grenade Stage:  1 min., 2 grenades 
​ You know that feeling you get when you are being watched?   Your career as a ZK has led you to conclude that it usually means you ARE being watched.  That’s fine if you’re at the outpost shower and the spying eyes are those of admiring laundresses, but in the Dead Zone it’s a horse of a different color.    Now you are sitting at the woods edge reloading magazines and you get that feeling.  Something or someone is behind you!  You roll on your side and take cover scanning the area when you see it.  There is something moving largely hidden in a depression in the ground.  Whatever it is, it’s smart enough to read the terrain and seek out concealment and hard cover so you may have a problem.  You can’t see enough to get a shot.  This is a job for a hand grenade if you ever saw one and in a bizarre reversal of fortune for you, you actually have two M26 fragmentation grenades.   Hopefully they won’t blow up in you hand.  You yell out, “Live E-town ZK!  Show yourself now!” and pull the pin.  You don’t want whoever it is throwing this thing back at you so you let the safety spoon fly and cook it off for two seconds.  Then you throw it into the target depression…or not…you ducked to avoid getting fragged yourself. 
​Bonus:  Do the stage in your gloves and gas mask for an additional point. 

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