Here are the astonishing facts!   954 zombies were kille​d in our last match.  2166 rounds were ammo were expended.   That’s impressive.  I got a lot of feedback to the effect that this was the best match we’ve ever done and I am humbled and flattered by this.  It would not have been possible without the continuous support of Knob  Creek Range and our magnificent volunteers.  Dale Winchester and John Thompsett helped me get the match set up in record time on Friday and worked unflaggingly Saturday to move all the shooters through efficiently along with our tireless RO Lonnie Leake and photographer Wes Brehm.  The targetry was handled in the most efficient manner yet by veteran volunteer John Chenault, Nick Saylor, Wesley Krajnak who also brought along his friend Kyle.  The two boys shared the scoring duties for the match and were able to immediately identify the winners at match conclusion.  Joining us for the first time on the field as volunteers were Spencer “Carbine” Singer, and Mackenzie.  As usual, our shooters pitched in to help reset after they shoot which helped to keep the match moving.

     I continue to be impressed with the attention to detail our shooter’s self-styled ZK uniforms.  (ex. ZK Thomas’s shoulder patch.)  Check out the upcoming photo albums to be posted on facebook and our webpage.    I also appreciate the interesting guns that are making it to the match like the scorpion pistol, Chiappa Rhino, and various bullpup shotguns and rifles.  ZK Cress is the post apocalyptic Samuel Hawken of bullpubs.  Keep up the good work.  It makes the match more fun. 

     We had a few brand new shooters this match.  To the Holtzclaws, ZK Sanders, Stanton, Zetelski and the Clarks, a hearty welcome to ZSU.  We are glad to have you.  Please help spread the contagion by “liking” the facebook page and sharing our postings.  We have generous sponsors in Brownells, Ka-Bar Knives, XS Sight Systems, Hi-Point, Chiappa, Sierra Bullets, Duracoatand Birchwood Casey.  When you share, they appreciate it too.  I know you guys love the great prizes.

     The “one & done” continuous-stage type match format showed its limitations on this match.  We really would have been hard pressed to get any more shooters through the course than we did.  I think shooters liked the scheduled shoot times best and I will endeavor to make that a part of all future matches.  We will revisit this match format again, but experience shows that running all three stages at once allows a lot more shooters to participate since three shooters are working their way through the stages at the same time.  

Because we shot the course as a continuous stage, I don’t have times for each element to point out the outstanding shooters. The score sheet shows the following:

  • 27 shooters got all 12 of the shotgun targets, the only perfect stages being shot by ZK Sanders, G. Reynolds and J. Kiwacka who did it with one round per target.  
  • 13 shooters got all 6 rifle targets, the best stage being shot by ZK Bagola who did it with only 9 shots.
  • 15 shooters got all 18 pistol targets with the best stages being shot by ZK Kiwacka and D. Parrack who did it with only 27 rounds.

     There were two bonus points to be earned in this match.  Only ZK Doc Boyd managed to get one of them by finding the box of medicines that sat underneath the bus immediately below the rear door. Everyone was reminded of the mission on the blindfolded drive down to the course.  Some asked probing questions that led me to believe they would be the ones to discover the fate of their missing patrol truck and locate the precious medicines they had to deliver to the rendezvous point.  Apparently it is possible to love zombie killing too much because as soon as the blindfold came off, all thoughts seemed to be on slaying the undead.  One shooter even placed his empty magazine on the box of medicines and failed to notice it. Likewise, quite a few shooters noticed the note from Pierre explaining the patrol truck/absinthe trade of the previous night, but nobody took the time to read this clue and an easy point was lost.  In the future, I will try to engineer the matches in better ways to allow the shooters more time to naturally discover the clues.  In retrospect, it would have been better to allow the shooters to return to the bus to look around while the targets were reset.  Had I thought of it, I’d have had the RO ask them a question (Where’s the medicine?) at the conclusion of the course at where they would have  rendezvoused with Sgt. Vesley.    Each of these matches is unique and presents significant set-up and design challenges that unfortunately we don’t get to test until show time.  We do our best. 

Mark your calendars and get pre-registered as early as possible.  I have worked up the match schedule up for next year and the dates are as follows:   

  • APRIL 18, 2015  (Saturday after the machine gun shoot.)
  • JUNE 13, 2015  
  • AUGUST 15, 2015
  • OCTOBER 17, 2015  (Saturday after the machine gun shoot.)

     I would like to revisit a night match in 2015 but we now know that we can’t do it in conjunction with at day match because the range staff is too worn out.  It has to be a dedicated match. The question is when and possibly where? I am open to suggestions on this. A night match is pistol and shotgun only and usually 20 targets.

     We need a bunch of decent old cars.  Who has something on the way to the junkyard we can borrow for next year?

     Finally, please update your ZK memberships if they are due.  It is a lot of work tabulating the rankings.  The ranking for this match will be e-mailed to all ZKs shortly, but it won’t post to the webpage for two months to give the shooters ranked in the August match a chance to bask in some well earned glory.  Then it will be the October match shooters turn online.

Download your Shoot Analysis copy


Fear & Loathing in the Dead Zone: Oct 25, 2014 


2nd: ZK Frank THOMAS


Copyright © 2012-2020 ​ZSU, LLC 
FEAR & loathing in the dead zone 
10/25/14 zombie shoot conclusion

​   In the Live E-town City Hall radio room, Captain Soo-Z stood listening to the receiver intently.   She closed her eyes and began to slowly shake her head in frustration. She leaned toward the radio microphone on the desk and spoke, “Did I hear you correctly?  He lost the patrol truck and the medicine?”  She turned to

Lt. Shouchik with her eyes wide in exaggerated shock, then she said, “Well

backtrack over to that school bus and have a look around. Maybe you can find some

clues to where that medicine went.   If there’s a chance we can recover it, we need

to take it.  Contact me when you get there…out.”  She put down the receiver head set and sat down on the couch that the radio operators napped on.  The operator on duty resumed his position seated in front of the radio.    I’m going to stick around for twenty minutes, ” she said to Lt. Souchik, “Sergeant Vesley is still green and I want to stick around a bit to see this medicine thing resolved.”

   “What happened out there?” asked Lt. Souchik.

   “Apparently the rookie ZK that Sergeant Vesley sent on the mission to recover the morphine and antibiotics found them                                                                        without any trouble and found the trailhead to the rendezvous point but spent the night                                                                   getting drunk with Dirty Pierre and one of his lady friends.”  She made air-quotes with                                                                     her fingers around the words “lady  friends”.  

                                                                 “Well nothing good comes out of a liquor bottle, but it’s not like Dirty Pierre to cross                                                                        live E-town.   Robbery isn’t his style,” said Lt. Souchik. 

    “I agree,” she said. “That’s why I’m giving Sergeant Vesley a little time to sort this out before I issue a warrant for Dirty Pierre.“ 

    “Doesn’t the ZK know what happened?”  Lt. Souchik asked.  

    “His memory after the drinking party is pretty hazy. Moaning zombies  woke him up fifteen minutes ago and he found himself in a school bus  surrounded by 25 zombies and the patrol

truck was gone.  He said he didn’t even think of the drugs.  He just

shot his way out and met up with Vesley at the rendezvous point.” 

    The radio operator leaned back in his swivel chair and handed

her the receiver headset and said, “It’s your man Vesley captain.” 

She got up and took the headset and leaned into the microphone and said.  “Baby Ducky Six here.   What did you find?  Over.” 

“He woke up, killed 36 undead by himself and met you at the rendezvous point in less than two and a half minutes? Over.” 

“Well, that’s impressive but he didn’t have the medicine.  Where’s the medicine? Over. 

“Ok, you haven’t found the medicine but you found a note from Pierre on the bus.  What does the note say?  Over.”

                                                      “Well I speak French. Read it to me as best you can. Over.”

                                                     “He wrote the box is under the bus.  Did you look under the bus?  Over.“

                                                     “Please do it now. Over.” She straightened up and said to Lt. Souchik, “Am I the only person                                                        in Kentucky who speaks French?  Louisville is named for a French king.”  

                                                     “I took Spanish.  It was easier,” replied Lt. Souchik.

                                                     “Dirty Pierre left the ZK a thank you note,” she explained.  “You could read it in a couple ways, but on the surface, it looks like our ZK may have traded his patrol truck for a bottle of absinthe.  Contents of said patrol truck were not in the bargain I guess so Dirty Pierre placed them under the bus.”  A voice could be heard coming through the radio receiver and she placed it up to her ear again and leaned toward the microphone to speak, “Say again,” she said.

“Opiates and antibiotics written on the side…that sounds like what we are looking for Sergeant Vesley.  Please insure that those medicines get back to outpost without further mishap.   I am not pleased with some of the decisions made in this operation but since you are both rookies and no harm was done other than the loss of a patrol truck, I will allow you to chalk this up to experience and he must see that the patrol truck is replaced in his off duty hours this month.   If your ZKs
continue to screw up, I will have to relieve you.   At present, I will not report this up the chain of command if you can improve your performance.  Do you understand me?  Over.”

“Roger, out.” 

   “Under the bus?” Lt. Souchik asked.

   “Yes, under the bus,” she answered.  “The absinthe explains a lot.  Write the truck off as an operational loss if we don’t run into Pierre and repo it in the next two weeks.  We have a few spare trucks.”

   “So the rookie ZK killed 36 zombies by himself with a hangover? By what name does this hero go?” inquired Lt. Souchik?

   “His name is Bob Sanders,” she said.  “He was just assigned to the unit too.  I have sometimes wondered if it is possible to love killing zombies too much.  It can cloud your judgment at times.  Everybody makes mistakes now and then so I cut him some slack.  I expect he will not be drinking with Dirty Pierre again.”

   “Speaking of drinking…let’s grab a cup of hot joe in the briefing room before we head back to outpost,” said Lt. Souchik, gesturing toward the door with his hand for her to leave first.    

   “Good idea, but I think I’ll have tea.  Let’s steal some of their sandwiches for the road too,” she said as she walked past him and into the hallway, slinging her carbine over her shoulder.


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