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Is That The Stink Of Corruption…Or Did They Serve Chili Last Night?
​May 18, 2013 ZOMBIE SHOOT
You are a contract zombie killer (called ZK for short) for Live E-Town.  You are assigned to the eastern frontier at Outpost #7 under the command of Capt. Soo Z.  Among your varied duties are the patrol of the Dead Zones, the suppression of raiders, the extermination of the undead, the diversion of undead herds too large to attack and most importantly, the location and rescue of survivors.  When you signed up, you knew what you were getting into.  These ZKs had a reputation that would make the French Foreign Legion blush.  For all their personality defects, character flaws, undiagnosed mental illness, poor hygiene and perversions great and small, they have one redeeming trait…loyalty.   A ZK is loyal to the city of Live E-town, his or her officers and comrades in arms.  At least most of them are…  
​ As you prep for a routine patrol in the Dead Zone, you feel a tap on your shoulder.  It’s Sergeant Kruer, and before you can say anything, his finger is at his lips to silence you.  He jerks his head to the left indicating you should follow him outside.  Curious as to what you’re in trouble for now, you obey.  Once outside and out of earshot of your fellow ZKs, he tells you the Captain is sending you on a special recon mission.  He leads you to the door of Capt. Soo Zs office trailer and knocks.  A small female voice says “enter” and he opens the door for you, indicating for you to go inside.  You see the young captain is seated at her desk studying a map. She is a small tanned Asian woman with her long ponytail draped across her chest like a black sash.  As you step in you hear the door close behind you and realize you are alone in the trailer with her.  She looks up, her eyes locking onto yours, and she says. “I’ve selected you to conduct an internal affairs investigation in the Outpost #5 area of operations.  One veteran ZK was reported KIA while on patrol with three rookie ZKs.  The mayor wants someone outside the sector to snoop around a bit.  You must not reveal to anyone what your mission is.  Assume nothing.  Trust nobody.  Come back and report to me alone.  Perhaps there is something wrong up there, or perhaps nothing is wrong and one of their best ZK NCOs just screwed up and got himself killed.  I trust you will be objective, discreet and thorough.    
​ She hands you a sealed envelope.  “Sector coordinates, maps and other information on the case are enclosed.  Study it and commit it to memory.  Then burn it and get on your way.  Report back at nightfall tomorrow.  If you are gone more than two days. I will send a party after you.   Dismissed.”    
You turn to leave.  As you step for the door, you notice, against the right front wall of the trailer, a large cardboard box of new looking children’s plush toys beneath a table piled with a dozen handguns and gun cleaning gear.  The smell of Hoppes #9 drifts to your nostrils as you pass, but is swept away by the rush of springtime air when you open the trailer door and exit.Is That The Stink Of Corruption…Or Did They Serve Chili Last Night?

Event Outline:  
This shoot will take participants through four non-sequential stages representing both a shooting and investigative challenge.  Stages have both a time limit and an ammunition limit.  Overall winner will be the highest score, with ties decided in favor of the shortest time and then the least ammunition expended.  Good marksmanship skills will take you a long way, but good observation/investigative skills can win you the match.   Participants are encouraged to review the storyline background material just prior to the match.  At present, prizes will be awarded to the six highest scoring shooters.  More prizes may be awarded.  Check the match prize table for the most up to date information.   
In the first three stages participants will use pistol, rifle and shotgun to shoot at approximately 36 reactive zombie targets.    
​ The fourth stage will require the use of thrown rocks which will be provided on site.
​ Because of the rugged outdoor nature of this course, participants may wish to carry their arms and ammunition with them through the course.   It is strongly suggested that you equip your rifles and shotguns with slings or scabbards so you can easily carry the one you are not firing.   For a $10 fee you can buy a ZK buddy ticket which lets a friend accompany the shooter through all the stages to help carry guns, pick up magazines or take video and photos.  Wheeled carts may be used on the range to carry your guns and gear but cannot be brought along on the stages.   In this case, you may wish to bring a chain or cable lock to secure the guns and ammo cans you are not using to the cart while you are firing the stages.  Unfortunately, most aspects of the course do not lend themselves well to shooters requiring a wheel chair.  However, some or all stages might be accessible depending on individual equipment and circumstances.

1. Ooh ooh That Smell…Can You Smell That Smell? - Rifle  3 min, 25 rounds
2. Grand Central Station – Shotgun  3 min, 20 rounds
3. HOLY CRAP!. – Pistol  3 min, 40 rounds4. Rock & Roll – Rock  1 min, 5 rocksStage

1.  Ooh-ooh That Smell…Can You Smell That Smell?      Rifle   3 min 25 rds  
​ While patrolling the designated area your find recent tire tracks leading down a wooded road and into a clearing.  Surveying the clearing you notice what look like some trails on the opposite side and begin working your way to the closest one which seems to parallel a nice sized creek.  When you get there, you notice a foul odor drifting on the breeze.  This isn’t the barracks after chili night so you know something isn’t right.   Experience tells you there’s something dead down that trail, the question is whether it’s up and walking around or good old fashioned dead.  You un-sling your rifle and cautiously enter the coolness of the woods to investigate.  It doesn’t take long for you to find some undead milling about minding their own business…at least they were until they saw you.  As you lay your sights on the forehead of the closest one, you wonder, “What were they doing in the woods in this remote area in the first place?”  
​Mission:  Find out what the source of that smell is.

2. Grand Central Station   Shotgun  3 min 20 rds  
The tire tracks that led you to this clearing run right across it to another trail head into the forest.  An old placard hangs from the tree that once read “nature trail”.   Now it has “MONSTERS” spray painted over it, in what looks like fairly recent paint.   There seems to be signs of recent activity in the form of deep footprints here and there from several different people and in both directions.   These were made by living people too, not zombies.  You can’t help but think this is a lot of activity for a monster infested nature trail.  You load your shotgun and search ahead for the next tree marked with a white trail blaze as you make your way down the trail.  
Mission:  Figure out what all those living people were doing moving in and out of this trail.

3. Holy Crap!      Pistol    3 min  40 rds   
When you emerge from the forest you realize your shooting has not gone un-noticed by nearby zombies.  From the far corner, the clearing is rapidly filling up with shambling monsters.  Your shoulder is a little beat up from the all the rifle and shotgun firing earlier so you decide to take them down “Have Gun, Will Travel” style.  Drawing your pistol from your holster at the hip, you pause for dramatic effect and try to think of a penetrating insight into the nature of evil like Paladin would do.  Realizing you are not as clever as Paladin and he had good writers to make up his lines, you just yell, “HOLY CRAP!” and start blasting the approaching mob with the intensity of a man about to be overrun!  
​Bonus Point:  If you can actually do a situation appropriate opening credits monologue in Have Gun, Will Travel style.   

4. Rock & Roll   Melee   1 min 5 rocks   
As you withdraw from the carnage of the clearing, something catches your eye sitting on the ground screaming out to you, “I don’t belong here.”  It’s a folded over brown paper bag like the kind kids would take their lunches to school in back in the day.  Now you’re getting hungry and when you get hungry you tend to be in a bad mood.    You know you should check this weirdly out of place bag out first but now there’s one last darn zombie headed for it too.  You realize the irony that the zombie is probably also thinking about lunch right this moment.  In any case, he must die for you to get the bag.  Sometimes you just can’t get no satisfaction from shooting zombies.  At times like that, a good ZK knows he has to put away the guns and go cave-man on them.  What a great way to improve your spirits!  Nothing is quite like cracking their ugly, flesh craving zombie faces with a rock.  You’re low on ammo anyway and your ears are ringing from all the shooting you already did.  You reach down and pick up a stone, wind up, and throw it right for his face.
​Bonus:  Figure out what’s up with that bag.
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