Zombie Shooters United dba Zombie Shooting Competition.

The home of the 3-Gun Zombie Themed Shooting Sports.

Shoot Zombies, Not Paper!

Organized & Run by Zombie Killer (ZK) Frank Jardim




Zombie Shooters United, LLC

"Shoot Zombies, Not Paper!"

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2017-2018 Annual Membership Fees 
Individual:  1st year $45, Renewal $40
Family: 1st year $80, Renewal $70

Membership Benefits:
All new members receive the following:
** Soft-cover copy of the Zombie Killer Handbook a completely original, fictional guidebook to zombie killing written to orient new ZSU shooters to the match and establish the background for the event scenarios.
​** Zombie Killer (ZK) Shoulder Patch.
** Live E-town city seal sticker.
** Welcome Letter from the Mayor of Live E-town & ZSU Membership Card.​
** A unique name of their own selection for their “Zombie Killer” persona.Access to PDF files of ZSU Official Competition Rule Books.
** Access to PDF files of Zombie Target Fabrication Specifications.
** ​10% off all national Zombie Killer Series shooting match fees.​
** 10% off all Zombie Killer merchandise in our ZK store.


Zombie Shooters United: Home of the Zombie Shooting Competition "Shoot Zombies, Not Paper!"