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JULY 23, 2017 (SUNDAY)

Knob Creek Lower Gun Range

Be Werry Werry Quiet.  I’m Hunting A Puddy Cat.   Shotgun Stage 25 rounds  
  As you sit on guard in the gunner’s seat in the patrol truck bed, the driver hits a deep pot hole and the abrupt increase in exhaust noise tells you he’s probably cracked the “Y” pipe.  You know it won’t be long before that racket calls in the undead so you take the safety off your shotgun and scan the forest and brush along the roadside.   If there’s a tiger around here, at least the noise will probably scare it farther away.  As the “most-expert” man on tigers, you may not know much, but you know they are extremely dangerous.  It’s a given that the captain is fearless, but at times like this that you wonder if she might also be crazy.  Suddenly you feel a sharp poke in your side.  It’s Malone at the cab rear window.  He yells over the exhaust noise,

 “Cap’ says waste every zombie you see on roll so we don’t have ‘em piling up behind us when we dismount!  And keep your eyes peeled for that tiger!  Sometimes they go up in the trees!

 “Great,’ you think.  “Stripped death from above.”

 I Thought  I  Thaw A Puddy Cat.  Pistol Stage 40 rounds
   You dismount at the woods edge and the captain forms your trio into a “V” formation.  The idea is that if you or Malone spot the tiger it will run away from you toward the captain in the center.  You think this plan is really crappy since it’s based on encountering the tiger within the “V” and that the tiger will run away rather than just attack you.  To make matters worse, she tells you not to go shooting holes in it if you see it because she doesn’t want the skin ruined.   She tells you to just shoot zombies, look for tiger tracks or other signs of a tiger activity, and if you see the beast, scare it into the center of the “V” and call out to her.  She actually makes it sound easy.  

 “Hey what’s a tiger track look like anyway?”  Malone asks.

 Surprised, the captain asks, “I thought you were an expert on tigers?”

 “No captain, he’s the most-expert,” Malone replies pointing to you. “I’m only the second most-expert.”  The captain and Malone turn to look at you for an answer.

 After a moments amazed hesitation that you are actually the “most-expert” authority on tigers present, you answer, “It looks like a regular house cat footprint,  just, much, much, much bigger.”

 “There you go Malone,” the captain adds.  “Now move out and keep your head on a swivel.”

 Full of apprehension, you draw your pistol, switch off the safety, and head down your trail on the left flank of the “V”..  

I DID! I Did Thee a Puddy Cat.  Rifle Stage 30 rounds
 A radio report about signs of the tiger’s recent presence have drawn your party to the head of a logging road along a hillside.  The hunting party in this sector aborted their search because the undead activity was too heavy.   The captain sends you ahead of her to scout the road and clear as many zombies as you can while she checks in with the other hunting parties on her ham radio.  

 You know this is usually a pretty quiet area in terms of the undead, so increased activity has to be caused by something.  Fresh blood is prime zombie bait.   Perhaps they are after the tiger’s latest kill.  You imagine that the beast is probably terribly hungry.  An animal that big needs a lot of meat to stay alive.  You imagine that as soon as it takes down its prey, the undead probably converge on it and take it away.  The tiger does all the work of hunting and never gets to eat its fill; and it gets more tired, hungry and desperate as days go by.  You almost feel sorry for the creature, but you recognize that in that condition, it’s probably inclined to make you its next meal.  You decide that you are not going to be tiger food so the captain can get a rug for her office.  From now on you are going to shoot every zombie and tiger you encounter.  You load your rifle, and cautiously head down the old road.  You don’t have to go far before you hear something shambling through the underbrush ahead of you.

Event Outline:

   This match will be have shooters firing the shotgun stage from a moving gun truck, weather permitting.     (Traditionally, July is rather dry and the ground gets concrete hard so the patrol truck can run out on the field, but in the event of heavy rain rendering the field too muddy for wheeled vehicles, we will substitute a different scenario.)   It is my intent to move each shooter through the shotgun and pistol stages first, and them move everyone through the rifle stage in the same order.  The weather is likely to be very hot and I want to try to have some additional range staff in reserve to prevent anyone for getting sun stoke out there.   Shooters should dress accordingly (light weight clothing but no shorts) and bring and drink plenty of water.  

  Shooters must select a time slot on the website or contact us to select their time slot if they are mailing their registration check in.  There are only four slots per hour.  REGISTER EARLY!!!!  Total time per shooter should be about 10-15 minutes on the course so we need each shooter to be on site an hour before their scheduled shoot time and get geared up and ready to go.  

  All shooters must check in on match day to confirm their time slot.   Otherwise, we will skip you and go to the next available shooter to keep the match moving.  You won’t go to the end of the line, but we can’t wait around for you to show up so be ready when it’s your turn or expect to wait until the guy that was ready finishes.  

  Take note of the match round count (25 shotgun, 40 pistol, 30 rifle)  You may wish to bring extra for some target practice if the small trail above the Cowboy Range is available as it has been in the past.  There will be no military surplus or armor piercing or tracer ammo allowed in any caliber.  (If a magnet sticks to the bullet...DON"T BRING IT!)  

For the match, please bring:
  • 25 rounds of 00 buckshot for you shotgun,
  • 40 rounds for your pistol
  • 30 rounds for your rifle
(Note: Please limit your rifle calibers to the usual 5.56, 7.62x39 or less powerful rounds.)  

  Shooters who have completed their course of fire will be expected to assist with the target resetting and the recovery of the targets at the end of the match prior to the awarding of prizes.

  As usual, the course will have both a time limit and an ammunition limit.  Overall winner will be the highest score, with ties decided in favor of the shortest time and then the least ammunition expended against up to 36 total zombie targets.  Good marksmanship skills will take you a long way, but good observation/investigative skills can win you the match.   Participants are encouraged to review the storyline background material just prior to the match.  

  Prizes will be awarded randomly as door prizes for all registered shooters lucky enough to have their names drawn.   Drawing will be held at lunch break.  Check the match prize table for the most up to date information.  The number of prizes awarded is keyed to the number of participants in the match.  If you won a prize at the last match and didn't pick it up, make sure you see Odessa and get it this time.

  Participants will need to have all their weapons and ammo ready at the start of the course, though they will not need to carry them through the whole course a sling of scabbard might prove useful.  For a $10 fee you may purchase a ZK buddy ticket for a friend who can accompany you through the stages to pick up your magazines, carry your extra guns, take video, etc.  Wheeled carts may be used to stay organize topside, but you can’t bring them with you on the course.  In this case, you may wish to bring a chain or cable lock to secure the guns and ammo cans you are not using to the cart while you are firing the stages.  

  Parking will be around the entrance to the Cowboy Range.  You are not permitted past the gate to the lower range until your turn to shoot.

Event Fees:
Check Pre-Registration:
$63.00 (ZSU Member)
$70.00 (Non-ZSU Member)
Credit Card Pre-Registration:
$65.00 (ZSU Member)
$75.00 (Non-ZSU Member)
Onsite Registration : Cash Only
$70.00 Members
$80.00 Non-Members




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