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Event Stages:

  1. Shotgun Stage: 25 Rounds 00 Buckshot
  2. Pistol Stage: 50 Rounds
  3. Rifle Stage: 15 Rounds



     The format of this match will be a departure from previous matches in that it is the first time we have put shooters through back-to-back consecutive stages and the first time all three stages will be shot from the patrol truck.  The shooters will fire all three stages from start to finish, as if it was one big stage, from the back of the patrol truck that will be driven through the course.  The truck will be moving for the shotgun portion of the match, but stationary during the pistol and rifle portions.  

     Shooters will be assigned a time slot and they must be at the match registration area with all their guns and ammo at least thirty minutes before their scheduled start time.  Total shooting time should be about the same as if we brought the shooter through individual stages but this method should require fewer ROs and prevent a lot of people hanging around waiting their turn knowing it will be hours before their turn comes.   All shooters must check in on match day to confirm their time slot.  Otherwise we will skip you and go to the next available shooter to keep the match moving.  You won’t go to the end of the line, but we can’t wait around for you to show up so be ready when it’s your turn or expect to wait until the guy that was ready finishes.  Round count will be the usual.  (Bring at least 25 rounds of 00 buckshot for you shotgun, 50 rounds for your pistol and 15 rounds for your rifle.  No armor piercing or tracer ammo allowed in any caliber.)

      Shooters who have completed their course of fire will be expected to assist with the target resetting and the recovery of the targets at the end of the match prior to the awarding of prizes.

     The rifle, pistol and shotgun portions of the course will have both a time limit and an ammunition limit. Overall winner will be the highest score, with ties decided in favor of the shortest time and then the least ammunition expended against up to 36 total zombie targets.  Good marksmanship skills will take you a long way, but good observation/investigative skills can win you the match.   Participants are encouraged to review the storyline background material just prior to the match.  

At present, prizes will be awarded to the highest scoring shooters and randomly as door prizes for all registered shooters lucky enough to have their names drawn.   Check the match prize table for the most up to date information.  The number of prizes awarded is keyed to the number of participants in the match. 

     Participants will need to have all their weapons and ammo on the patrol truck at the start of their run.    If for some reason the ground is too soft for the truck we will shoot the course of foot which will require shooters to carry all their weapons with them.  In that case a sling of scabbard might prove useful.  For a $10 fee you may purchase a ZK buddy ticket for a friend who can accompany you through the stages to pick up your magazines, carry your extra guns, take video, etc.  Wheeled carts may be used on the range to carry your guns and gear but cannot be brought along on the stages.   In this case, you may wish to bring a chain or cable lock to secure the guns and ammo cans you are not using to the cart while you are firing the stages.  If the weather lets us use the patrol as we intend to, this match will be our most handicapped friendly ever.  


      You are a contract zombie killer (called ZK for short) for Live E-Town assigned to the eastern frontier at Outpost #7 under the command of the famous Capt. Soo Z.  Among your varied duties are; the patrol of the Dead Zones, the retrieval of survival critical resources, suppression of raiders, the extermination of the undead, the diversion of undead herds too large to attack and the location and rescue of survivors.   Most of the time you fight on foot, but sometimes you fight mounted.  

This is one of those times.      

     Aerial reconnaissance of the outer edges of your patrol sector has spotted a fairly large group of undead near a forest cabin the ZKs set up as a survivor safe house.   This suggests that there might be some survivors inside.  Human activity tends to attract the undead.   Unfortunately, the observer didn’t see the panel marker that survivors are instructed to put

out so he couldn’t say for sure if the cabin was occupied.  In your experience about half of the survivors put out the marker to signal the ZKs.  The other half are too scared to or already dead from whatever cause, usually bites.  Either way, you need to
get over to the place and assess the situation.    Safe houses have only limited supplies and if there are survivors inside, you don’t want them getting desperate and making a run for it through all those zombies. That would be a bloodbath.  

     The topography around the cabin lends itself to mounted fighting.  There are decent gravel roads through the forests and open meadows you can maneuver in when the ground is dry.  Since the undead are drawn to any commotion, the easy way to get them away from the cabin is to lure them into the clearings and pick them off until they stop coming.  When they stop coming, you know you got them all and it’s safe to go to the cabin.  You’ve done it a dozen times before, but usually there are more of you.  Yesterday about a third of the company set off on some super long range patrol and isn’t expected back for weeks so you are spread a little thin.  

     On Sergeant Kruer’s command, you and another ZK mount up in the patrol truck with all your weapons and gear.   Kruer warns you both before he closes the rear hatch of the fighting compartment.  “Boys, we got half the eyes and half the guns on this patrol that we usually have so no slacking off!  If you aren’t shooting you had better be reloading and don’t get off this truck unless it’s on fire.  Do you get me?”

     “Sure chief,” you answer.   “We got it.  Never get off the boat.”
     "I said truck you goof balls!” 

     Sergeant Kruer explodes back, clearly not amused by your Apocalypse Now reference or simply not getting the joke.   You’re starting to get a little worried.   Kruer seems even more hardcore than usual today.  You secure your rifle, strap yourself into the gunner’s seat and start loading your shotguns shells into the ready rack feeling a little anxious.

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