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"Shoot Zombies, Not Paper!"

   ​​​​​​​​You are a contract zombie killer (ZK for short) employed at Outpost #7 on the perimeter of the fortified city of Live E-town.   Your duties involve patrolling the dangerous Dead Zones outside the city looking for survivors and supplies, exterminating the undead, and suppressing the raider bands who prey on survivors and otherwise interfere with Live E-town business.  The usual stuff...until this morning when you rushed to your patrol trucks as part of a combined air-ground  pursuit of Karl Buchholtz, a man believed to be a spy and the kidnapper of Dr. Vincent von Bloom.  The doctor, a former government biological weapons expert who your ZK company rescued from the Dead Zone a year ago, has led a team Live E-town doctors and scientists to study what he calls "the condition" and search for ways to more efficiently defeat the undead menace.  There are rumors of a compound capable of putting nearby zombies into a passive state. You know they're true.  Your squad recovered some biological sample containers from the wreck of a large black helicopter in the Dead Zone eight months ago that appeared to have exactly that effect.   Your fellow ZKs speculate that the ability to control the aggressive instincts of the undead could be a very powerful weapon in the wrong hands.

   One thing you are sure of is your ZK unit took machine gun fire from hostile black helicopters this morning, and two of then were forced down nearby.  (One was a two-seater that shot up your patrol truck.)  From the radio traffic, you learn that the other black chopper forced down was a big Black Hawk.  A helicopter of that size can carry a dozen people.    Other ZK ground forces have moved into blocking positions and your company will be part of the sweeping force to go in after Buchholtz and Dr. Von Bloom.  The Captain told you at the start of this mission that it was a dragnet operation across the whole Dead Zone.  Stealth on our part is not needed. Your orders are to do what you needs doing to bring back Dr. Von Bloom alive and capture, or kill if necessary, Buchholtz and any of the black helicopter gang.   Obviously the intel guys in town would love to have some prisoners to interrogate, but right now you have other worries.  All the vehicles racing down the roads, gunfire and buzzing helicopters have really stirred up the undead in the area.  It’s like Zombie Central Station out there.  Hopefully you’ll punch their tickets and not the other way around. 



MAY 20, 2017

Knob Creek Lower Gun Range

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$75.00 (Non-ZSU Member)
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