Zombie Shooters United dba Zombie Shooting Competition.

The home of the 3-Gun Zombie Themed Shooting Sports.

Shoot Zombies, Not Paper!

Organized & Run by Zombie Killer (ZK) Frank Jardim




Zombie Shooters United, LLC

"Shoot Zombies, Not Paper!"

Event Fees:
Check Pre-Registration:
$63.00 (ZSU Member)
$70.00 (Non-ZSU Member)
Credit Card Pre-Registration:
$65.00 (ZSU Member)
$75.00 (Non-ZSU Member)
Onsite Registration :
$80.00 CASH Only
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You must be at least 18 years of age to participate as a shooter.
• Individuals under 18 years of age require parental supervision.
• Current photo identification (to establish club membership) required to enter the event site.
• You must provide an emergency contact number to call if you are injured or incapacitated.
• Do not use drugs or alcohol before or during shooting. Alcoholic beverages and drugs are not allowed on the property at any time. (No tailgate partying in the parking area.)
• No tobacco use allowed on premises.• Always treat a gun as if it is loaded.
​• Always have the gun pointed down range.
• Always keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
• Between stages, always keep your chamber flag inserted and your gun unloaded (no magazine in autoloader) until you are ordered to load by the range officer.
• A Chamber Flag is required when carrying an uncased, slung or holstered rifle, pistol or shotgun at the event. Chamber flags will be provided to each participant.
• Maintain personal possession/control of your firearms and ammunition. You will be carrying three firearms and their ammunition. Slings/ holsters/scabbards are a must. The course is not well suited to wheeled carts.
​• Only firearms in good working condition are allowed on the firing line (user is held responsible). All firearms are subject to inspection at anytime by the event staff.
• Shooters are required to wear eye and ear protection on all ranges. Spectators are strongly advised to do so as well. Eye protection with a wrap-around design or side shields is recommended. Prescription eyeglasses are acceptable to meet the requirement. Basic eye and ear protection will be for sale at the event for spectators who want them.
• Spectators, defined as anyone not involved in actually shooting an event stage, must remain in the designated spectator areas. Do not go outside the designated areas for any reason. Moving bullets are hard to see and you wouldn’t want to meet one. Only range staff and shooters are allowed on the ranges.
​• Immediately stop shooting when a cease-fire command is given. Anyone can give a cease-fire command if they observe an immediate threat to shooter or spectator safety.
• When a cease-fire command is given, unload all ammunition from your firearms, open the actions and put down, shoulder or holster the firearm as directed by the range officer.
• When others are downrange, DO NOT HANDLE any firearms. Keep them slung, holstered or down on the table as instructed by the range officer.
​• Do not go past the firing line while others are shooting.
​• When on the firing line, all firearms must be pointed down range in a safe manner at all times.
• Do not purposely shoot at any trees, debris on the ground, unauthorized targets, water, over the berms or backstops, target racks or anything that may become a safety hazard. This event is held on private property. Respect the landowner!
• Buckshot only in the shotgun stages. 
• No steel core, armor piercing, incendiary or tracer ammunition is permitted. You will be financial liable if you cause property damage by using these types of ammunition.
• Suppressors and Class 3 (NFA) weapons are permitted but you must have your BATF paperwork available for inspection by the event staff. No illegal firearms or suppressors are allowed.
• Wear sensible clothes to include long pants and closed toe shoes to protect yourself from injury on the course.
• Apply a good insect/tick repellent to protect yourself while in the forest and high grass areas of the course.• Violations of any of the above stated rules or policies, disruptive behavior or careless conduct are cause for eviction from the property without refund. Future entrance and use of the facilities will be at the discretion of management. If you observe any violations of the above, please alert management immediately.

Once the bullet is fired, it can’t be called back. You are using firearms that have the potential to cause property damage, serious personal injury or death. Use you head and handle your firearms responsibly to stay safe on and off the firing line.


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